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What You Need to Know About Snack Portion Control

Jul 10, 2017Shopify API

Want to know how to keep yourself from overeating at snack times? Read on for some tips on healthy snack portion control!


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Ever found yourself thinking “Oh, I’ll just have a little snack” – and find yourself holding an empty container 30 minutes later? Snacks are delicious. We get it. And sometimes, even if a snack is good for you, it’s easy to get carried away and eat more than you intend to.

So what do you do to enforce your own snack portion control?

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DIY Snack Packs

This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s usually easier said than done. Everyone knows eating straight out of the packet is a terrible idea – it’s just such a drag to take the time to portion out a snack when you’re already in Snack Mode.

Instead, try portioning out your snacks as soon as you get them, following the serving size listed on the packet. Got a bag of granola? Split it into 5 mini airtight containers or Ziploc bags. That way, whenever you’re reaching for a snack, grabbing one container is quick, easy, and saves the agony of determining whether you’ve had enough or not.

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Share the Joy

Ever heard the adage “Less men, more share”? The reverse is also true! If you don’t have the opportunity to portion your own snacks out, try getting someone to split a snack with you. Boom – automatic portion control. Plus, you score generosity points among your companions!


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Chug Some Water

As we’ve said before, our bodies often confuse thirst cues for hunger. Thus, drinking a large glass of water before snacking can help to differentiate true hunger from thirst.

Even if what you’re experiencing is actual hunger, the water will take up space in your stomach and curb your appetite temporarily to make controlling your snack portions easier.

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Pay attention

All too often, we snack while multitasking. At work? Grab a snack while completing that report. At home? Munch while staring at the television.

When we eat in a distracted state, our minds generally fail to process how much we’re eating – or even that we’re eating at all. This makes snack portion control way more difficult, as the amount you think you’re eating and the amount you’re actually eating can be way off.


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So the next time you grab a snack, look at your food, chew it slowly, and be sure to enjoy it to the fullest!

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