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Should I Snack? 3 Things to Ask Before You Snack

Jul 03, 2017Shopify API

Here at Amazin’ Graze, we love snacking. In fact, we love snacking so much, we make (and eat) snacks every day! But we’re also all for snacking responsibly. After all, snacking too much (and on the wrong foods) can certainly lead to health issues such as obesity, poorly controlled blood sugars, and more. So if you’re asking yourself “Should I snack?”, here are 3 things to consider before giving yourself an answer.

Image source: International Institute for Diabetes Research

Am I really hungry?

We crave snacks for many reasons – boredom, anxiety, habit..even thirst! Yes, our bodies sometimes mistake thirst cues for hunger, leading us to eat when what we really need is a tall glass of water. So before you decide to snack, ask yourself if you’re actually hungry, or if there’s a different reason behind your craving!

Image source: Eat This, Not That

What time is my next meal?

So, you’ve established that you’re really hungry and could do with some food. But wait – ask yourself another question: what time is your next meal? If the answer is “within the next hour”, it’s probably worth just waiting it out for the meal. Eating a snack too close to a meal can result in haywire blood sugar levels. Plus, you may not have the appetite to eat a proper meal, leading to the need for another snack later, and the cycle continues. Ideally, we should aim to leave about 3 hours of space between each meal/snack to allow our bodies time to digest.

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Is there a way to make this snack healthier?

Okay, you’re hungry and the timing is right for a snack. Before you dive in, how about making the most of the snack by considering how to make the snack even better for you? Hopefully you’re already starting with a good healthy snack base, like granolas or fruit. Consider adding some protein in the form of yogurt or nut butter! Or, if you don’t get many veggies in your main meals, consider snacking on a fresh salad topped with a fun nut mix!


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The bottom line is, putting some thought into when you snack and what you snack on is key into making sure your snacks work for you. And of course, if your answer to the question "Should I snack?" is a "Yes!", you know where you can find the best snacks in town! Hint – they’re in the Shop tab, and they’re Amazin’!

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