An Amazin' Journey

It all began in our humble kitchen, where we had an awakening about our unhealthily lifestyles and diets in Asia. We set out on a mission to reinvent traditional snacks such as granola and nut mixes, drawing from childhood memories in both Australia and Asia and infusing them with Coconut, Pandan, Matcha, Curry, and Lemongrass flavors.

We couldn't find anyone making snacks like that, so we took matters into our own hands. In a small, unassuming space in Kuala Lumpur, we opened our first baking store and hired our first baker - a refugee. This proved to be the beginning of something incredible, and soon enough, we were working with many refugees and creating a talented and diverse team.

Today, Amazin' Graze is a worldwide phenomenon, having reached over 10 countries and having 100 passionate bakers and millions of grazers sharing the love. We focus on making plant-based, Asian-inspired functional granola and nut mixes with 70% less sugar than regular brands and natural superfoods like lion's mane mushroom, pandan leaves, rosemary, and matcha for brain health, immunity support, and anti-inflammatory benefits. We dare you to try these delicious and healthy snacks!