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Amazin' Graze, founded in Malaysia in August 2015, is on a mission to make healthy living accessible. Born from a transition away from corporate roles, the female-founded company has reinvented plain granola with unique flavors like Coconut, Pandan, Curry Leaves, and Lemongrass. Operating from Kuala Lumpur, Amazin' Graze has expanded to 10+ countries, offering wholesome, Asian-inspired granola with 60% less sugar and superfoods like lion's mane mushroom, pandan power, and matcha madness. With a presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Brunei, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines, Amazin' Graze is making a positive impact on healthier snacking across Asia.

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All Amazin' Graze Snacks are made in our central facility in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

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Product & Ingredient Questions

Amazin' products are made from natural ingredients and do contain some organic ingredients, but they are not certified organic. We aim to keep our products as affordable as possible, and research on organic eating has not demonstrated enough added benefits to justify the significant cost increase of going organic.

All Amazin' Graze Snacks are made from ingredients that naturally do not contain any gluten. However, they are not certified gluten-free, and so may contain small traces of gluten from cross-contamination at their source.

From the best and tastiest granolas to Asian-inspired nut mixes.

We are always working on introducing innovative flavours in our product range seasonally. Stay tuned for more!

Granola is an oat-based cereal commonly eaten at breakfast or as a snack. Our granola contains rolled oats with nuts, fruits, and other superfoods baked into crunchy clusters – absolutely delicious!

Amazin' Graze Granolas are:

  1. Freshly baked every week
  2. Free of any refined sugar
  3. All-natural and free of any artificial additives
  4. Full of yummy goodness in the form of nuts, fruits, and other superfoods
  5. Bursting with innovative Asian flavours

From all over the world! We source our ingredients with the aim of finding the best nutrition, quality, and prices. Our traditional oats come from Australia, while our gluten-free oats come from the USA. Our other ingredients come from other places like California, South Africa, Indonesia, and of course, Malaysia!

Amazin' Graze Snacks contain only unrefined sweeteners such as honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, and Gula Melaka!

Up to 18 months.

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