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An Interview with our Christmas Artist, aliittlelamp_

Oct 19, 2020Shopify API

Since our inception, here at Amazin' Graze, we've made it our mission to support creatives from Southeast Asia through collaborations and creating a platform that can showcase their work to a wider audience.

If you've been a fan from before, you may remember the unique designs that local artist TinyType created for our Spring Collection in early 2019, or the Discover Magic Collection at the end of 2019 with the bespoke designs of WhimsyWhimsical. Both collections featured beautifully hand-drawn illustrations from the artists that were created exclusively for our limited-edition packaging and merchandise. And this year, in the spirit of the festive season and to support customers who have spent the year safely #socialdistancing, our creative team came up with the idea to celebrate "Unique Friendships in a Winter Wonderland" through redefined magical moments and reimagined connections!

Introducing the Amazin' Graze 2020 Holiday Collection! Created and designed in collaboration with Malaysian artist MayLii Koo, affectionately known as @aliittlelamp_ on Instagram, this year's festive range features hand-drawn illustrations of Grace and her forest friends as they work hard to gather the scrumptious, natural ingredients that go into our limited-edition range!

We also got a chance to get up close and personal with MayLii – from how she started her journey as an illustrator to her inspiration for the Amazin' Graze 2020 Holiday Collection.



AG: How long have you been an illustrator?

MayLii: I started my career as an illustrator back in July 2019, it was a turning point for me to make a career change from graphic designer to illustrator. Making a career change is quite terrifying, but it also motivated me to learn, to feel and exploring myself through illustrating.


AG: What made you decide to become an illustrator? Who/what is your muse?

MayLii: I have loved drawing since I was young, I really enjoy the process of creating art and it calms me too. I was always aiming to work as an illustrator since my college days although I studied graphic design, and I was (and still is) amazed by the artwork and how they deliver messages through visuals. I knew that my real passion was illustration. If I didn’t follow the path, I might regret it later on and this turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.


AG: How would you describe your illustration style?

MayLii: At the present stage, I would describe my style as simple, soft, textured with storylines. I always try to convey a message or story with my illustrations. I am still developing my own style and am open to being inspired by new things.


AG: What was the inspiration for the characters you've illustrated for the Amazin' Graze Christmas 2020 range?

MayLii: The characters were created when I started to come out with the story of an adventurous trip of Grace (the little girl) with furry animals in the magical winter wonderland. I've always loved to design special features of every character to represent their personalities and strongly linked to the product ingredients and flavours.


Which is your favourite character?

Definitely the combination of Grace (Little Girl) and Chi Chi (Little Bird). They are perfect together in starting their adventure in the magical winter wonderland. They are lovely and I really love the ideas of them accompanying each other in exploring the magical winter wonderland and meeting new friends.


If you could say one thing to young Malaysian artists, what would it be?

Keep creating! Can't wait to see more amazing work from local artists! I hope to learn from all of you one day! :D



To watch the behind-the-scenes of May Lii working on the illustrations, check us out on Instagram!

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