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Pink Dragon Smoothie

Oct 14, 2020Shopify API

Say no. No more purchasing expensive acai packets just to get the colour we see on instagram posts. Another pocket saver, another thank you to the existence of pink dragon fruits. This pink, very minimally sweet polka-dotted fruit does not only give that similar desired dye that acai gives but also packs a punch of benefits.

From being loaded with fibre which allows us to maintain a healthy gut to strengthening our immune system, boosting iron levels and stabilising blood sugar levels, it could be said that the takeaways from drinking this versatile smoothie bowl not only leaves acai running for their money, but our guts well cleansed and overall, our body feeling a little more refreshed and back in balance.

Not forgetting, for those conscious of their blood sugar levels, especially with smoothies, the Low Sugar Wild Strawberry Granola might be just the crunch for you guys. Looking to add a little more protein? Drizzle some nut butters on top and you'll get a power meal to start your day right! For a little indulgent treat, sprinkle some of those crushed brownie chips and you'll be delighted.


2 bananas, frozen

1 cup dragon fruit, cubed and frozen

Ice cubes

Splash of plant-based milk


Chia seeds

Coconut shreds

Low Sugar Wild Strawberry Granola



1. Add all ingredients into a blender and combine till smooth.

2. Add desired toppings!

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