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Chocolate Nice Cream with Pandan Coconut Nuts

Oct 16, 2020Shopify API

If you're someone who never got on the "nice cream" trend, this may just be the recipe to change your mind.

And to top it all off, it only takes THREE STEPS to make this!

But don't be fooled by the simplicity of the recipe and ingredients because it comes out deliciously rich, creamy, and luscious enough to satisfy all your dessert cravings. You can also easily shake up this recipe by adding other frozen fruits or flavour combinations!

Sprinkle on our Pandan Coconut Nut Mix or even a handful Amazin' Granolas for some crunch and a whole lot of flavour. A perfect treat for warm summer days, Netflix parties, and chill nights. TBH, it's good for a treat whenever you feel like it!

There's really no golden rule with this recipe. We like Pandan Coconut Nut Mix for toppings because the sweet, vanilla-esque aroma of Pandan and the creamy flavour of coconut adorned the rich flavour of cocoa & bananas. Speaking of a true Tropical getaway!


a couple of Frozen Bananas

a dash of Cocoa Powder

a dash of honey / Maple syrup

Pandan Coconut Nut Mix



1. Blend the bananas, cocoa powder and honey/maple syrup until it reaches a smooth consistency.

2. Scoop into a bowl and top it off with Pandan Coconut Nut Mix.

3. Enjoy!



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