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Celebrate Malaysia's Birthday with a Merdeka Cake - Amazingraze USA

Celebrate Malaysia's Birthday with a Merdeka Cake

Aug 14, 2019Shopify API

Happy 62nd birthday Malaysia!

Diversity in culture and food is what we Malaysians are proud of. This Merdeka 2019, we want to celebrate our motherland's birthday with her vibrant flag colours and flavours that bring us joy, warm memories and pride.

Gathering fruits of different colours and texture, Valerie from the R&D team made this vibrant, absolutely tasty and healthy (!!!) cake resembling the Malaysian flag. Strawberries, blueberries, peaches and yoghurt/cream layered on top of any cake base of your choice, this easy cake will brighten any Malaysian table.

How To:

1.Place sponge cake or any cake as base.

2.Whisk cream cheese with lemon juice and greek yoghurt. Drizzle lemon juice until the consistency of the cream cheese is just thick enough (spreadable and not too liquid-y), so it's easy to frost the cake base.

3.Spread a layer of frosting on top of sponge cake.

4.Slice the strawberries in desired thickness, and start layering to form red stripes. For the blueberries, slice them into half and set aside. Dice ripe peaches into small chunks and start forming the moon and star shape with the sliced blueberries to form the whole flag.

5. Enjoy while it's cold!

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