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Setting Up the Perfect Holiday Brunch

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The festive season calls for warm, joyous gatherings filled with good food and amazin' ambiance. Let's be honest here: when it comes to elaborate festive spreads, brunch reigns supreme (more casual and much easier to throw than dinner!). Hosting a festive brunch doesn't have to be a stressful or hectic task. In fact, that defeats the whole purpose! The holidays are meant for everyone to unwind and have a good time marking an end to the long year.

Now, let's get down to business on how to throw your very own holiday brunch!

As with most things in life, the key is to plan ahead! Plan out the recipes, guest list and of course, the decor, in advance to ensure everything is smooth sailing on the day itself.

Here are some recipes we have compiled for a leisurely and festive brunch. Delicious make-ahead dishes promise to keep this holiday gathering stress free.



1. Spinach and Cheese Strata



Savoury bread puddings are perfect for feeding a crowd as it is fuss-free and can be made ahead of time. This strata has the classic spinach and cheese pairing with a garlicky kick. The recipe is vegetarian-friendly, delicious and impressive enough to wow your guests!



Picture and recipe from Damn Delicious


2.  Eggplant Schnitzel with Creamy Mash and Burnt Butter


Elevate the brunch with this schnitzel that is guaranteed to be a crowd favourite! The fresh herbs that are tossed with the breadcrumbs gives the perfectly crisp and aromatic exterior. The soft eggplant is complemented by the creamy mash and the fragrant burnt butter. This recipe is definitely a must-try! Check out the recipe by Donna Hay with the link below.


Picture and recipe by Donna Hay



3. Quiche with a Sweet Potato Crust



This isn't any ordinary quiche, the usual pastry base is replaced with richly browned chunks of sweet potato that creates a similar buttery contrast and a satisfying bite. It's ideal for entertaining because it's gluten-free and way easier than dealing with pastry.

Picture and recipe by Bon Appetit



4. Pears with Cheese and Nuts


Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this dish. When our resident chef, Sara, came up with this dish for our Holiday Recipes E-book (which you can download for free!), she served the folks at the Amazin' Graze office and we went BONKERS! The plate was empty in moments. A clean, fresh dish to break through the greasiness and heaviness of the holiday treats that you've been indulging on. Trust us when we say you need to try it out!



Link to our Holiday E-book > Holiday Recipes 2020 Edition


5. Ultimate Christmas Grazing Spread


We love a good grazing platter for any gatherings. It's simple, elegant and easily customisable for everyone to enjoy. All you need is a wooden board or a large tray and you're ready to fill it up. Here's one recipe you can follow or adapt from by us!



Link to our Holiday E-book > Holiday Recipes 2020 Edition



The Set Up

Now, for the ambience. The holiday calls for warm and fuzzy feelings with sparkling lights, some holiday music and a beautiful spread on the table. Here are some decoration tips to get the good times rolling!





  1. Set the table with pretty dishes, napkins, gold silverware and festive drinking glasses.
  2. Place some beautiful flowers or greenery in the middle of the table.
  3. Add some candles (preferably unscented so it doesn't clash with the smell of delicious food)
  4. Create a food buffet table for easy self-serving
  5. String white lights along the food table and a holiday sign above for some extra holiday ambience
  6. If you want to go the extra mile, set up a menu so your guests know what’s being served.
  7. Finally, relax with your loved ones and fill the space with laughter and smiles. Cheers to another year and a better year ahead!

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