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Why You Shouldn’t Go On a Diet, Explained

Jan 19, 2018Shopify API

We’ve all heard people say laughingly “Diet starts tomorrow!” or “It’s my cheat day!” or a million other jokes about going on a diet. There’s a reason why diets are a running joke….and it’s because they never work! And although there’s endless information out there on how to go on a diet and get in shape, we’re here to tell you the opposite. Here’s all the reasons why you shouldn't go on a diet if you want to eat healthy!

Diets are restrictive


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The very foundation of most diets are restriction. Foods are classified into “good” and “bad” categories, and we are told to eat only the good, and never touch the bad. The reality is that all food contains good & bad qualities, and instead of asking “to eat or not to eat”, we should ask “how often and how much”.

Plus, what happens when we tell our brains we can’t have something? We want it MORE! This is why temptation becomes so difficult when “on a diet”.

Diets are overwhelming


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Large and overarching goals like “Save more money” or “Exercise more” or even “Be a happier person”, far from inspiring confidence and action, can actually have the opposite effect. The goal weighs on us and can even be paralyzing, to the point where it gets to be too much to think about.

The result? We get overwhelmed, shut that nagging internal voice down and give up on our diets!

Diets are too costly


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We’re not talking about financial cost (although diets can definitely be expensive as well!). We’re talking about the cost-benefit analysis each of us does (usually unconsciously) when deciding whether to take an action.

Diets, especially the restrictive types, demand we give up our favorite foods, sit out some social situations, and take time, effort, and brain space to plan – all of which factor in as costs. And the benefits are usually slow to show, and less dramatic than we would like! The result? We quickly throw in the towel and go back to our old ways.

Diets are too generic


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Most diets provide general advice, like “eat less fat”, “cut out the rice”, or “no snacking between meals”. The problem with this is that someone’s diet is incredibly personal – to their genetics, preferences, lifestyle, and so on. These general diet rules impose restrictions without first understanding why a person eats the way they eat, which can lead to feelings of frustration and failure when you find yourself struggling with the prescribed way of eating.

Now you know why you shouldn't go on a diet - why not focus on making small choices in your daily intake that forms small steps towards healthier eating habits? Making a choice between a side of veggies versus a side of keropok seems much easier than the monumental choice to abandon your dietary habits and “go on a diet”. Join us in making healthy choices this new year – read more about our campaign HERE!


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