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What's In My Amazin' Granola?

Mar 26, 2018Shopify API

Ever asked the question "What's in my Amazin' Granola?" Here, we talk about the ingredients that go into our granolas, and how each ingredient contributes towards making a granola that’s truly Amazin’!



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Every good granola begins with oats! Oats function as the ‘base’ of the granola, giving it taste, texture, and valuable nutrition. Whole rolled oats, like the kind used in Amazin’ Granolas, are packed with soluble fiber, which can help to keep cholesterol levels healthy. The fiber also helps to make sure that the energy from the granola is released slowly into your body. This gives you a slow but steady source of fuel to last the day.



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While oats are awesome, their nutrition contribution is still mainly carbohydrates. And we all know a meal heavy in carbohydrates can’t be considered very balanced at all! That’s where the nuts come in. Besides having a fun, crunchy texture and earthy flavour, the nuts in our Amazin’ Granolas also function as the main source of plant-powered protein, healthy fats, and fat-soluble vitamins (like Vitamin E).


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Next, just to make sure we maximize the nutrition value of our Amazin’ Granolas, we throw in some superfoods. Our granolas contain superfoods like chia seeds, flax seeds, buckwheat, and dried fruit! These blend in with the granolas to add texture, flavour, and a whole lot of nutrition. Chia seeds and flax seeds, in particular, are great sources of protein, fiber, and Omega-3s. That's why you can find them as a key ingredient in all our granolas!



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And lastly, tying it all together are the sweeteners! Sugar has gotten a bad reputation in the media lately. For a good reason, too, since refined sugar contributes essentially zero nutrition. This makes them a source of empty calories that results in unwanted weight gain. However, sweeteners actually play an essential role in the making of granolas. They literally hold all the other ingredients together to form the crunchy clusters we all know and love.

So, in our Amazin’ Granolas, we use unrefined sweeteners (honey, molasses, even Gula Melaka). These unrefined sweeteners have more natural vitamins and minerals and a lower glycemic index than refined sweeteners. This way, they can add sweetness and crunch while still contributing some nutrition value.


See all these ingredients in action and try our full range of Amazin’ Granolas with our new Amazin’ Granola Variety Box!

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