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Friends of Amazin’ Graze: Learning about the social enterprise, ∫(inclue)

May 17, 2016Shopify API

Being a business in a small neighbourhood such as Sentul, it matters to us to give back to the community that is helping us grow.

While our products are handmade in our kitchen every day, we couldn’t operate without the partnership of other enthusiastic companies. So that brings us to ∫(inclue).Working together every week, Inclue is a vital part of our team, so we would like to share this incredible initiative with all of you grazers out there.


Photo courtesy of ∫(inclue)

∫(inclue) is a social enterprise  that aims to help people who are living on the streets of KL to reintegrate into society. ∫(inclue) provides them personal support and access to jobs. The project also provides companies the opportunity be socially responsible by outsourcing simple jobs to those whom are willing to work.

Health & HR Manager for ∫(inclue), Dr. Sharminithevi Paramalingam said, “We are a team of six people who work passionately to help the homeless in KL. We aim to break the cycle for these people by providing training and encouragement so that ultimately, they can find their feet again”.

∫(inclue), began three months ago as a short-term program initiated by the National Blue Ocean Strategy and supported by the Ministry of Finance and is run by Impact Hub and Scope Group. As well as this, Street Feeders of KL and My Perintis also provide project support through their extensive knowledge on stigmatized societies. The team however is currently working on securing a longer-term commitment from various businesses in KL to ensure the initiative can continue its growth among the homeless.


Photo courtesy of ∫(inclue)

So where do we come in?

Every week our team works with ∫(inclue) to stick the labels on our packaging. Given this is around 700 labels a week, it is no small task for the four or five workers that help deliver this project.

Dr. Paramalingam continued, “Once a week, Amazin’ Graze engages and employs a different layer of society. Our aim is to increase our client base to ensure more regular work for KL’s homeless people”.
As for training, ∫(inclue) works with the team members to identify areas in which they can secure longer-term employment. Dr. Paramalingam says however, we first need to break the stigma attached to those living on the street.


Photo courtesy of ∫(incluse)

Walk With Me

Walk With Me is a collection of stories from the homeless people ∫(inclue) works with. Currently found on Instagram, the campaign connects with people living on the streets, through understanding their passions, dreams and fears. Search the hash tag, #walkwithmecampaign to dig deeper into the people that make ∫(inclue).


Photo courtesy of ∫(inclue)

Want to learn more?

Inclue is located right near us! Visit the team at Impact Hub KL at D7, Sentul or get in touch with Dr. Sharminithevi Paramalingam at or visit their website: Inclue.

∫(inclue) wouldn’t be possible without the support of the following organisations:

National Blue Ocean Strategy
Ministry of Finance Malaysia
Street Feeders of KL
Scope Group
Impact Hub KL
2016 Volunteering for International Professionals

Photo courtesy of ∫(inclue)

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