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Battling the guilty snacking habit - how to snack healthier

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Consuming a snack or two between meals can curb hunger so you don't inhale the dining room table when you finally sit down for dinner. Mindful snacking can help with getting all the necessary nutrients you need in a day. On the contrary, nibbling all day- particularly on foods that do not provide as much nutritional value- may result in you consuming too much and packing an extra pound. 

So, stop fighting the munchies! Snacking can be great for you, the key is taking a smart approach to it, which is what we’re here to share! 



1.Combine protein & carbohydrates


Pair protein-rich foods with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide both your brain and body with energy, and protein-rich foods help fill you up because they break down more slowly in the body. Examples: Trail Mix, Nut Butter Celery Sticks, Chickpeas.



2.Take your snacks out of the bag 


When you snack straight out of a box or bag,  you're more likely to overindulge. Put your snacks on a bowl or plate and practice portion control. 



3.Indulge in a small treat 


Relishing a small treat each day won't sabotage your weight-loss efforts. In fact, giving yourself treats may be the secret to losing weight for good. If you like a glass of wine, make room for it. Prefer dessert instead? Skip the drink and go for a low-calorie chocolate treat instead. 



4.Make your snacks count 


Most people don't get enough portions of fruits and vegetables. Consider snacking on celery with a little almond butter, or any nut butters with fruit as an easy way to get more protein and produce in your diet. 



5.Don’t get tripped up by travel


Prepare in advance so you'll have enough to eat en route. Pack 1/4 cup dried fruit (such as apricots), a handful of nuts or seeds, and a few whole-wheat crackers as healthier alternatives to the salty snacks served in-flight. Sip plenty of water; low humidity and recirculating cabin air can be dehydrating. Example: try the trail mix!



6.Don’t let yourself go thirsty


Drink a cup of water to see you if you’re really hungry. Often it's thirst that makes you think you're hungry, causing you to snack. Remember to load up on plenty of H20.


Snacking can be beneficial if done right. Follow our guide and let us know if it makes a difference!


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