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Holiday Superfoods Are Here To Save The Day!

Oct 19, 2020Shopify API

Since the inception of Amazin' Graze, it has always been part of our mission to create tasty snacks that are good for your mind and body. Our daily motto? Let's change the way people snack! What started from Malaysia has now expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia and more! And we're so glad that this mission has been very well received by our lovely fans from all over the world.

So how do we create something that is tasty, and nutritious?

Meet the superfoods.



You've probably discovered our 2020 Holiday Collection that was crafted to deliver an indulgent, joyful, and guilt-free snacking experience for the festive season. We couldn't escape the attraction of holiday treats (think log cakes, chocolates, eggnog, etc.), but we wanted to blend in something gifted by nature that’s also good for your body. What we learned most from 2020 is, healthy eating is important but we should never forget to reward ourselves, simply because we deserve it.

So the Amazin' Graze team came together. We started scouring, developing, and hustling to create something that we are so proud of this year: The Holiday Collection; packed with indulgence AND superfoods that taste and look amazin'. Think dark chocolate, coated, heart-healthy nuts & strawberries; white chocolate slathered over antioxidant-packed cacao nibs; and so much more! Remember to tune in for our IG Takeover together with our R&D x Marketing department, we’ll update you on Instagram!

It's going to be 2021 in a couple months time, and although things may still be gloomy, we hope this collection of holiday treats infused with our favourite holiday superfoods will brighten your day and end 2020 with a big, loud, BANG.


Meet our Holiday Superfoods in our....

...Chocolate-coated Almonds and Strawberries

For starters, strawberries. Made with the goodness of natural ingredients, our chocolate-coated strawberries and almonds may be just the perfect gift not only for all chocolate lovers, but for everyone who loves tart freeze-dried strawberries and crunchy almonds. Did you know that strawberries are PACKED with Vitamin C? You can actually get more Vitamin C out of eating eight strawberries than a whole orange! And not only does freeze-drying fruit keep its nutrients preserved, it also maintains a similar fibre content to its fresh state!

As for our essential dosage of healthy fat, almonds have more superpower than you think. Contrary to the overly-simplistic view that 'fat is still fat,' these babies actually have the power to lower what most people identify as 'bad' cholesterol, aka LDL. Oxygen and nutrients may course through the blood more smoothly as well due to ownership of minerals such as potassium and magnesium, and vitamin E.

...White Chocolate Cranberry Granola

Cranberry seeds have never been used in products by Malaysian brands before and we had to fly these in specially from the U.S.! But why are they so special? Well, cranberry seeds contains a slightly more concentrated serving of antioxidants which can help reduce the risk of heart problems, omega-3 fatty acids which help promote better brain health, and phytosterols which can help lower blood cholesterol levels.

Cacao nibs, on the other hand, are great for anyone with iron-deficiency anaemia, maintaining muscle and nerve functions, reducing the risk of coronary diseases and strokes, and are packed with protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds!

This superfood has been well known for years and we wanted to make things a little interesting. So we asked the production to coat them with... WHITE CHOCOLATE! The while little jewels are yummy on its own, so make sure you shake that bag well to hunt for them every time you open the White Chocolate Cranberry Granola.



...Cherry Peppermint Brownie Chips


Already an all-time favourite in our range, we knew we had to elevate our Brownie Chips game for the holidays. Our Holiday edition is made with dark cocoa powder, which can help lower blood pressure and the risk of heart diseases, 100% pure peppermint extract that can help soothe indigestion, as well as fight the flu and common colds, and topped with dried cherries, coconut shreds, and cranberry seeds. This product in our Holiday Collection is sure to put a smile on your faces!


2020 may have been stopped many of your plans and changed the way you celebrate the holidays, but it doesn't mean there are no new windows are opening for us to make it amazin'. Hey, if we can fly cranberry seeds in from U.S. just to make a treat for you, we're very sure with a little determination and great hope, this holiday may just be another memorable one that you'll never forget for a long while.

Don't forget to download our FREE Holiday e-book to get your hands on 12 festive-themed recipes!

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